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MA Bills Filed

March 2021: Identical House and Senate bills have been filed to legalize physician assisted suicide. The status of the bills are that they have been referred to the Joint Committee on Public Health. The bills already have a significant number of legislator supporters. Conventional wisdom says that not much will happen until after the budget is complete, however, everyone is encouraged to share your opposition with your legislators early and often! An Act relative to end of life options Please read the entire bill, which include many more sections than shown below. For instance, do you agree with Section 14(e): ...
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NM Assisted Suicide Law

Newsweek published this piece written by the Patients Rights Action Fund Executive Director, Matt Valliere, on the flaws in the New Mexico assisted suicide law. Below are excerpts - read the entire article at "In the midst of a pandemic, the New Mexico state legislature ignored the needs of its constituents—many of whom lack basics like reliable electricity and running water, never mind basic medical care—in favor of passing a dangerous and discriminatory assisted suicide law. This and similar policies in other states have proven the failure of proponents to safeguard the people most susceptible to abuse, mistakes and ...
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2012 Voting Stats

2012 Massachusetts Ballot Question 2 on physician assisted suicide, voting results by town. Summary: Should a doctor be legally allowed to prescribe medication, at a terminally ill patient's request, to end that patient's life? Source: "Difference" measures percent difference between no and yes votes ...
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Cameron Testimony in RI

Anita Cameron, NDY’s Director of Minority Outreach, testified to the Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee at its Zoom hearing on the state’s assisted suicide bill on Monday, April 26. In a brief two-and-a-half minutes, she shared her mother’s story of a very mistaken medical prognosis as well as opposition to assisted suicide in communities of color. This testimony is from Not Dead Yet, which includes a video of Anita Cameron testifying. Testimony of Anita Cameron in opposition to Rhode Island Bill S 775, April 26, 2021 Thank you, Madame Chair and members of the committee. My name is Anita Cameron ...
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Kelly Testimony in RI

John Kelly’s Compelling Testimony Opposing Rhode Island Assisted Suicide Bill S0775 John Kelly testified to the Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee at its Zoom hearing on the state’s assisted suicide bill S-775 on Monday, April 26, 2021. Members of the public who testified were severely limited in the time allowed, so below is John’s excellent full written testimony, which is well worth the read. This testimony was originally posted at Not Dead Yet. John B. Kelly
Testimony in strong opposition to S 775
 “Lila Manfield Sapinsley Compassionate Care Act”
Judiciary Committee April 25, 2021 Chair Coyne, Vice Chair Archambault, Members of the Judiciary ...
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Health care, not “death with dignity”

Opinion piece from the Connecticut Post by Joan Cavanaugh, April 1, 2021. State needs health care, not "death with dignity" Anyone who has been with loved ones facing serious, painful illness will empathize deeply with the testimonies in Ed Stannard’s Sunday, March 21 article. I have. And I do. But as an anti-war, anti-death penalty, pro-choice, human rights advocate who has been compelled to fight attempts by the medical system to restrict and withhold treatment, I also contend that there is a much larger picture to be considered. As a society, we must make decisions to protect the lives of ...
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Telegram and Gazette – Letter: State legislators should reject assisted suicide bill

Nurses reject assisted suicide bill Telegram & Gazette March 25, 2021 As registered nurses, we urge state legislators to look at the facts and reject Massachusetts assisted suicide bill. Despite what the authors of a recent letter to the editor claim, uncontrollable pain does not even make it into the top five reasons that people choose assisted suicide. Based on data from Oregon, the state where assisted suicide has been legal the longest, the reasons that people choose assisted suicide include: decreasing ability to participate in activities that made life enjoyable, loss of autonomy and loss of dignity. These serious ...
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