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Telegram and Gazette – Letter: State legislators should reject assisted suicide bill

Nurses reject assisted suicide bill Telegram & Gazette March 25, 2021 As registered nurses, we urge state legislators to look at the facts and reject Massachusetts assisted suicide bill. Despite what the authors of a recent letter to the editor claim, uncontrollable pain does not even make it into the top five reasons that people choose assisted suicide. Based on data from Oregon, the state where assisted suicide has been legal the longest, the reasons that people choose assisted suicide include: decreasing ability to participate in activities that made life enjoyable, loss of autonomy and loss of dignity. These serious ...
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We Need to Talk About Choice

New Zealand has the End of Live Choice Act. This video outlines very clearly the dangers of this act, and would be the same dangers for our physician assisted suicide proposals. The pressures outlined are ones that people with disabilities are already very familiar with. Unfortunately, this act passed in a binding referendum vote in October of 2020, and will be put in place in November of 2021. You can read more about the act: ...
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Opinion in the Telegram and Gazette

Opinion: Assisted suicide cannot be regulated, ripe for abuse and coercion November 18 by William Almeyda Jr. (senior pastor of the New Life Worship Center in Worcester) and his wife, Elise Almeyda "Any moral society has a duty and a responsibility to protect and defend the vulnerable and the marginalized. But the assisted suicide legislation some Massachusetts lawmakers are considering is a dangerous public policy that threatens the most vulnerable in society: the elderly, people with disabilities, and the terminally ill. Now in the midst of a global pandemic, the focus of legislators should be on ensuring that quality medical ...
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